Who Is Next?

With a graduation party on Saturday and baccalaureate on Sunday, it was quite a weekend. It was a reminder of the changes that come in life. As you watch these young men and women get their diplomas it is a reminder that while THEY are moving on, we must move on as well. VBS helpers, mission trip attendees, and praise band members are moving on to what is next in their lives. That causes some to break into a panic. Who will do these things? How will we do these things without them?

They are legitimate questions. Whenever anyone moves on, there is always a void that is left. A void that must be filled. God knows this, and that is why if you look throughout the Bible you will see God putting in place those who will carry on when it is the right time. Joshua replacing Moses, Elisha replacing Elijah, David replacing Saul. Even Matthias taking the place left by Judas Iscariot.

God takes this "replacing" seriously, as should we.

In Joshua's case, God reminded him several times to "be strong and courageous". (Joshua 1) In Elisha's case, God divinely told Elijah to choose Elisha as his successor. (1 Kings 19) With David, God told the prophet Samuel to anoint David who was "a man after his own heart". (1 Samuel 13:14) And in the case of Matthias, the disciples looked to scripture to see that one should take Judas' place, and then they prayed that God would show them His choice. (Acts 1:12-26)

Here are the takeaways for us in this matter:

1. God has the person or persons in mind to do the work He has to be done.

2. God will give guidance to find those people if we will just ask and listen.

3. God will choose those who have a heart for Him, so prepare your heart to follow Him.

4. Those whom God has chosen He will give the strength and courage to do what he has called them to do.

Therefore, be ready! You may be the one God calls to do His work. You may be the one whom He has in mind to continue what has been started or to begin a new work. Be ready by being that person after God's own heart.


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