There for Each Other

As I walking to the mailbox yesterday I saw two brothers playing at the park. Those same brothers I see biking by my house, playing at the ballpark, and climbing trees. Watching them I can't help but think of my siblings and the close bond we developed through the years. It wasn't all playing Star Wars and shooting baskets in the driveway. Some days it was faces shoved in the dirt and doors slammed in each other's faces. But when it come down to the important things we were and always are there for each other.

Yesterday, as predicted, Mo and Darby cleaned, created, and set up the house and garage for Ezekiel's graduation party today. There are times he irritates them, drives them buggy, but in this moment they wanted to be there for their brother.

As I look through the Bible there are several examples of these relationships and the powerful ways siblings are there for one another. Andrew brings his brother Peter to Jesus. Aaron goes with Moses to approach Pharaoh. Joseph saves his father, brothers, and sisters from a famine in the land.

If you have a brother or sister who is also a fellow follower of Christ you are truly blessed. You have someone who knows exactly who you are, because in most cases they have been around from nearly the beginning and have seen every high and low, know all of your quirks, and still love you.

If you have that special relationship, thank God for that today.


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