The Upright Judge

"You say, 'I choose the appointed time;

it is I who judge uprightly.

When the earth and all its people quake,

it is I who hold the pillars firm.'"

--Psalm 75:2-3

There are many today who are crying out for justice. At times I think when we cry out for justice, we are crying out for everyone to see things OUR way. Sort of like the kid on the playground who is defiantly declaring that he was safe even though everyone saw him get hit with the ball. That kid doesn't want justice, he wants his way.

It's a battle all of us deal with as humans. We claim that justice is what we want, but in the end we are really crying out for others to allow us to have our way. There is only one who is just at all times and that is the Lord God. He is the one who sees all things from all perspectives and at all times. He knows the final result, because He sees all time. That is why in Psalm 75 Asaph is able to declare that God can choose the appointed time. He knows when is the right time for everything and for everyone. God does not play favorites. In fact He hates favoritism. He always has a plan and therefore knows how everything should unfold to ensure the end He prescribes comes to be.

And since He shows no favoritism God judges uprightly. There is no "home court advantage" with Him. There is no paying Him off. He doesn't follow party lines or the status quo or the will of the people. God is upright and trustworthy in and of Himself.

That is why "when the earth and all its people quake, it is [God] who holds it pillars firm." God is not shaken. He is not surprised. He is not filled with fear or dread. He doesn't get all wishy-washy. He is the strong tower that all should run to. He stands firm no matter what.

Stop looking to your fellow man for justice. Stop looking to human leaders for stability. God is the one who is over all and through it all will carry those who faithfully follow Him. No earthly leader or government or movement of man can EVER hope to match His greatness!


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