Taste and See

Last week, Amy and I had a week at home alone. Amy took the opportunity to try a meal that she knew I would like and two of the three kids wouldn't-- stuffed peppers. Now, for those who don't know, stuffed peppers are seasoned rice and beef stuffed and baked in a bell pepper, usually a green pepper. I had stuffed peppers when I was a kid. I liked (and still like) green peppers fresh, and when my grandma brought out an ENTIRE pepper stuffed with rice I thought it was going to be the best thing ever. However, when I took a bite of that pepper it was extremely bitter. For some reason cooked peppers did not please my palate the same way fresh ones did. As a result I had to choke down the rest of a meal I thought would be amazing.

Last week, when Amy made stuffed peppers all of those memories came back and I prepared myself to be ready for the bitterness. Except Amy's concoction was a bit different; she used red and yellow peppers instead of green. I still skeptically cut into that first piece and put the first bite into my mouth. As soon as it hit my tongue I got goosebumps, looked to the heavens, and then began to tear up. (Food does that to me.) It was amazing! Every bite after that first was better than the last...and I put in a request for the same meal in two weeks when the kids are gone again. Ha!

As I thought about it later in the week it reminded me of people who aren't sure about God. "I went to VBS as a kid." "My parents took us to church and Sunday School, but it really wasn't my thing." Then they stopped. They tasted and didn't like it, so they gave up on it. Sadly, I wouldn't eat strawberries, oranges, broccoli, or roast beef to this day if I didn't give them another try after I was a kid.

Psalm 34:8 says, "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!" If you tried God when you were young, or you know someone who did, and walked away with a bad taste, give it another try. As you have grown and changed so have your taste buds and your attitudes toward God.

So come back. Give Him another taste. Open His word for yourself. Go back to church. Learn about His Son. He might be what you have been craving all along.

"Blessed is the one who takes refuge in him!" is how Psalm 34:8 finishes. Taste and see that the Lord IS good, and may you find the blessing of taking refuge in Him.


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