Spiritual Athletes

"Teach me your way, O Lord,

and I will walk in your truth;

give me an undivided heart,

that I may fear your name."

--Psalm 86:11

I coach. I have coached basketball, softball, and baseball. I continue to coach volleyball and track. I love to work with all kids, and at all ages. It is at the youngest ages that you get to teach them the "correct way" before anyone has shown them the "wrong way." Kids don't understand that to be great it takes hard work and persistence, nor do some adults. "I'm tall." "That kid was born with it." I completely and vehemently disagree with those thoughts.

No one is "born with it." To say that is to diminish the hard work they put in each and every day. And on top of that, show me the kid who can jump float straight from the womb, take their first steps and immediately go into their triple jump footwork. How many kids are in high school and still have to be reminded to stay in their defensive stance, keep their eyes up, and stop showboating? All of them. I should know. I'm on the sidelines of sporting events A LOT.

You see, a coach wants athletes who are like David in Psalm 86. An athlete who says, "I am willing to lay aside all that I think I know and follow your plan. I will only do what you have taught me and forget anything that goes against that. Even my dad who is trying to coach me from the bleachers." Ha!

But that is the truth of what David is saying here. "I am done with my way, my father Jesse's way, my friends' way. I only want to walk in your ways." That "undivided heart" is what we should all strive for. A heart that walks in God's truth and not the falsehood of this world or my own desires and "wisdom."

Just like none are born with athletic prowess, none of us are born with that "undivided heart" either. In order for that to happen, you and I have to devote ourselves to God's gym. If He is going to teach and train us, we have to put in the time. That means church, Sunday School, Bible study, but it also means Bible study on your own, spending time alone in prayer and worship of God. We cannot be spiritual athletes if we don't do these things. An effort must be made by you and me.

So, get in the gym. Get in spiritual shape. Be trained by the ultimate coach to walk in His truth. And start today.


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