Snarling Dogs, Wagging Tails

We had several guests one day last week. "Strangers" were in our house! I knew they were coming, but the two who watch over our home were not informed of these intruders. Our dogs, Chester and Champ, were not happy with these outsiders. "They should not be here!" Their barks let the visitors know they were not welcome. However what was going on at the tail end of those two guardians will tell the full story of how ferocious they are. You see, not matter how hard Chester and Champ try to be intimidating, their tails give them away. Their barks say "Go away or I'll bite you!" but their wagging tails say "Please stay and pet me!" Not very scary.

David is not describing my dogs in Psalm 59 when he says,

"They return at evening,

snarling like dogs,

and prowl around the city.

They wander about for food

and howl if not satisfied."

--Psalm 59:14-15

He is describing men who have been sent by King Saul to kill him in his home. He is saying if they are unsuccessful they will try again. Their hunger for David's demise is that of hungry street mongrels tipping over garbage cans for food that howl angrily if they are not satisfied.

This is David's description of those who seek other's downfall. They are no better than unthinking beasts. Their only desire is to "snarl" and "prowl", looking for how they can destroy another, and howling in anguish if they cannot satisfy their desire for the destruction of another.

In David's case he is speaking of men who have literally been hired to kill him, but in our lives we probably don't have this situation. However, there are those who seek destroy our reputation or our influence. They may prowl around seeking the many ways they can tear down our character and integrity. Being unsatisfied they will seek all the more any way to tear us down.

David was able to escape these men and leave the city and all thanks to God.

"O my Strength, I sing praise to you;

you, O God, are my fortress, my loving God."

--Psalm 59:17

Our Strength and fortress is also our loving God. When the snarling dogs show up (and their tails aren't wagging) look to Him. He will rescue you just as he did David.


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