Praying or Plotting

My political ranting days are behind me. There was a day when I would debate and rant with the best of them. Now I watch what is happening and stay out of the way of the flying bullets of those who are "in the know". I will say that this pandemic has made that hard to do.

Everyone, everywhere has an opinion on how this should be handled from the guys stocking canned soups at Walmart to the local town council member to some news person who talked with someone who knows something. EVERYONE knows what's going on and how it should be handled.

At times I jump in with my 2-cents' worth, and at others I listen and move on. But what always amazes me is when I or others get done with our orations, nothing has changed. Which, of course, brings on another tirade.

Psalm 2 speaks of nations conspiring and peoples plotting, and of kings and rulers of the earth banding together against the Lord. David says it is all in vain. In fact, in verse 4 he writes that "the One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord ridicules them." How frustrating for these powerful leaders. They think they control everything to the point that they can free themselves from the rule of the Lord. Sound familiar?

We like to point the finger and say, "Sounds like our world today." We shake our heads at governments and leaders and political parties, but what of ourselves?

When I question why things are the way they are, I am saying, "God, your plan isn't good enough. I'm going to tear off my chains and restraints and do things my way." I am now the one conspiring against the Lord, and if I can get others to listen to my rhetoric I begin an insurrection that is doomed to failure. The same laughter and wrath that is reserved for those rulers can scarily be aimed in my direction.

Better to take the advice of verses 10-12. "Be wise...receive instruction...serve the Lord with reverential awe...rejoice...pay homage to the Son...take refuge in Him." Psalm 2 is saying, especially to those of us in leadership, stop working against God and His anointed and instead serve Him in humility, looking to Him for wisdom and security.

So today, instead of ranting, pray for our leaders. All of them around the world. Local to international. All political parties and ideologies. Also, leaders in the church from bishop to lay pastor. These are God's servants for your good. (Romans 13:1-7) They need our prayers to serve the Lord and not their own desires.

But also pray that God give you the humility and wisdom to do the same.


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