Praises from the Ends of the Earth

Saturday night we were able to have a time of worship at the church. As we gathered, we were able to listen to speakers and bands from across the country. One of the groups that came on led us in a time of worship. As we sang, it wasn't just us sitting under the awning who were praising; we were praising with others who were singing around the world watching online.

"Your name, God, like Your praise,

reaches to the ends of the earth."

-Psalm 48:10

It's amazing to think that there are people all over the earth who are praising God. Many languages, many places, but all singing praise to the same God. Places like Haiti where people praise God on Sunday morning in tents with homemade instruments. Places like camps where children and youth joyfully sing their praises. Places where people are meeting in sanctuaries again. And places like our church where people are continuing to meet outside.

We meet because of our desire to praise our faithful God. Verse 9 tells us that "within [God's] temple, we contemplate [His] faithful love." Contemplation is where it starts, but the overflow of joy is where praise begins.


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