The Opportunity Adventure

I love the word "opportunity". It sounds like an adventure about to begin. It sounds like a prosperous future. It sounds like hope. But I also hate the word "opportunity". It sounds like work. It sounds like upheaval of routine. It sounds like a problem.

Many new opportunities have come in the last few weeks. I have had the opportunity to have my college daughters be at home. The opportunity to write daily devotions. The opportunity to improve my technological skills by creating online lessons and worship services. You probably have been presented with many new opportunities as well.

Now, if you are anything like me you didn't necessarily approach each of these opportunities with equal amounts of joy and anticipation. You probably went in kicking and screaming like I did. Even now you are saying, "Okay, God. Loved the opportunity. Now let's get back to normal."

My question lately has been "What is normal?" Or, maybe even better "What is normal from now on?" To me that is where these problems and inconveniences change into opportunities taken. Now that I have begun with all of this online outreach, do I stop when life goes back to "old normal"? If I do, then it wasn't an opportunity taken, instead it was a temporary problem solved.

In 2 Corinthians 5:17 Paul writes about us who are "in Christ" being "a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things have come". As Paul is writing he is telling the Corinthian church that they chose to walk away from their "purely human way" and turned to Christ in faith. There is no reason to go back to what they were, but instead to rejoice in what they have become because of the opportunity God offered and they took.

This "problem" we are in needs to be changed in our individual perspectives to an opportunity for God to "prune" us and for Him to continue to make us into that new creation He wants us to be,

What opportunities will you choose to see as just that today? What problems will you instead ask God to show you as opportunities to grow in Him?

They are opportunities God has put in our life to give us hope and a prosperous future if we will join Him in the adventure!


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