My Humdrum Life

I miss the routine of school. Today is Thursday, and I love Thursdays. Except for P.E. I get my class all to myself. No music, art, or guidance. My crew is all mine! (Insert evil laugh here)

However, there is one part of that routine I think my crew could do without. We do something in second grade called "math mountains". They are basically modern flashcards. When I say it is time for "fact fluency", the crew is thinking, "Please let us use the Ipads. Please let us use the Ipads." And when I go for the baggies with the math mountains, several eyes go to the back of their head and there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

You see it is boring. It is rote. They all are thinking, "Mr. Duncan, I can do this with one arm tied behind my back, a blindfold on, and without a healthy breakfast." (Okay, probably not that last one) It is a part of the routine that is mundane to them. They'd rather have the Perplexed Pirate join us, go to Moby May, ANYTHING but those mountains. "They're so boring."

At times I think we think that life in Christ can be that way. It all becomes routine. It becomes rote and monotonous. Like Solomon we say, "There is nothing new under the sun." And then we are told to stay at home until further notice. Zach joins the Marines. Moira announces she is going into business management and moving to some faraway place. And then I realize, "No, God, I like the mundane. Let's go back to that nothing new thing. I liked that!"

That's when another non-biblical proverb comes to mind- "Be careful what you wish for."

I have to say that am glad of change. (stay with me on this, Ame) I have a tendency to get comfortable. Then I get bored. Then I get lazy. And finally, I forget. What is it I forget? When I get comfortable I forget God's faithfulness. When life becomes routine I think it is all because of me, because of my great parenting skills, because of the wonderful woman I married. But when things change it is God stepping in to my routine and saying, "Remember me."

It's not a question. It's not even a request. It's a command.

In Lamentations 3:22-24, Jeremiah writes,

"Because of the Lord's faithful love we do not perish,

for His mercies never end.

They are new every morning;

Great is your faithfulness!

I say: the Lord is my portion,

therefore I will put my hope in Him."

When I get bogged down in routine, I forget about His faithful love. When I get comfortable in my rote existence, I put my hope in many other things besides Him. I forget that "His mercies never end" and that "they are new every morning". God is reminding me of this daily right now.

I don't know about you, but as for me I hope that when all of this is over I will never again take the faithful love and never-ending mercy of God for granted. That each morning I will continue to rejoice in His love and mercy that are new every morning, and I can shout with Jeremiah, "Great is your Faithfulness!"


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