Let Me Tell You What He Has Done for Me

"Come and listen, all you who fear God;

let me tell you what he has done for me."

--Psalm 66:16

There's a song I like to listen to that starts, "Looking back at the road so far..." It's an interesting thought- looking back. The song is on no way nostalgic. In fact it continues by stating "the journey's left its share of scars." But in the end it declares that he was led by the "Lead of Love."

David is here saying the same thing in Psalm 66, "Let me tell you how God has led me to where I am today. It's a long, winding road, but you will see that it was all worth it." These days we call that our testimony. The story of God working in our lives.

It's not about what you or I have accomplished, but the acknowledgement that nothing would have happened if His hand was not directing or ways. In the moment, I can't always see how God is leading or where He is taking me, but in looking back I can see that all that I thought was coincidence or, worse, evil was actually God bringing me to where I currently am.

A for instance...

In the mid-1970s my dad went into full-time pastoral ministry. Being in the United Methodist Church we never stayed anywhere longer than four years. I never developed any strong ties to any one place or person, so that by the time I got to high school I had no idea where I fit in and I was starting a new school as a freshman in the fall of 1988. I was angry and bitter, but God had a plan for this loner to enter ministry to children. And so, desperate to "find myself" I became a summer missionary in 1989. It was fun, and I thought about doing it another summer until an opportunity came along in February of 1990 to make some MONEY. I tried this new job for about six weeks, but was fired as I was a terrible telemarketer. So, back to summer children's ministry for me. And in June of 1990 I saw the most angelic human being I had seen in my ENTIRE LIFE! Four years later I married her. 26 years after that we're still going strong.

Only in the looking back can I see God at work. All of that winding and twisting road to lead me to the woman who became my best friend and wife and makes me a better Christian man. At the time I couldn't see it. At the time I was bitter or angry or sad. But now I know God's master plan was always at work. And that's just one story.

Where has His plan been at work in YOUR life. These are your Psalm 66:16 moments. To tell others to "come and listen" not to your greatness, but "what God has done for you."

Share your story (Stories) this week!


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