Lefties are Useful Too

When I went to my kindergarten screening I was sent home with clay. The reason was the testers that day told my parents that I had to work on my manual dexterity. In other words, I couldn't use my right hand. You see, I am left-handed, and while my right hand doesn't hang lifelessly at my side (I eat and cut with my right hand, and am quite ambidextrous at several other things) I do most things with my left hand.

When I left that screening I felt like there was something wrong with me. And as I have gone through life with most things like notebooks and desks set up for righties, it feels like I, and others like me, are aliens in a strange land.

So it was that when I was in high school I ran across the story in Judges of a man named Ehud, and God showed me that being left-handed isn't a mistake because it can be used.

Ehud's story isn't long. It's only 19 verses in the book of Judges beginning in chapter 3 verse 12. Israel had once again turned away from the Lord and served idols. The Moabites, under King Eglon, had taken over Israel and ruled over it for 18 years. The Israelites cried out to God for deliverance and it came in the form of a left-handed Benjamite warrior named Ehud. That's how the Bible describes him- left-handed. And there is a reason. There's always a reason for those little facts in the Bible.

Ehud was going to be used by God to assassinate King Eglon, and Ehud was perfect for the job as a southpaw. You see, in an age with no metal detectors the way to check for weapons was to check the left thigh of any man going before the ruler. As a lefty Ehud would have placed his double-edged sword on his RIGHT thigh. Therefore the guards would not have found it since they would assume that Ehud was right-handed. As a result Ehud was allowed to enter the king's chamber and, after all the attendants were sent away, he plunged his sword into Eglon's belly handle and all. Then he slipped out by the porch and made his way back to Israel and rallied them to destroy their enemy.

God used Ehud's unique design for His work. And it's not just lefties this applies to. You may be different somehow. You may have been told that you are weird, don't fit in, or have a skill that is completely useless. Don't you believe it!

God loves to use the useless, the cast aside, and the different. He's full of surprises, and He may use you to surprise the world.

Don't ever count yourself out! God doesn't...

Even if you're left-handed.


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