Just Rulers

As I have gotten older I have found myself in more leadership positions. Some are jobs I have taken on: pastor, camp director, lead coach. Others are family related: father, uncle, grandfather. And still others are just a result of being around so long: teacher mentor, parent counselor, unsolicited advice giver. Ha!

This being true, I take these responsibilities seriously. I look back on the mistakes and triumphs of my past as I am questioned by new teachers or young parents or even my own children. I want to help them through those first years and also help them look ahead to what they may not even realize is on the horizon. Hopefully they can avoid the pitfalls that hindered me as I journeyed.

Leadership. We all are leaders once there are those who decide to follow us. You also have those in your workplace, home, community, church who look to you for answers to life's tough questions just like me. It is a high calling to raise up the next generation. (See Deuteronomy 6:4-9 & Judges 2:10)

"Do you rulers speak justly?

Do you judge uprightly among men?"

--Psalm 58:1

Here is David the king of Israel asking the question all leaders need to ask themselves- Are you just, or do you show favoritism? In my leadership dealings I need to be sure that I am dealing with all justly. Favoritism is something God looks down upon. In James 2, we are told that "as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, don't show favoritism." Nowhere is this more important than when we are leaders. I can't pick and choose who "deserves" my help and who is unworthy. As a leader who is pointing to the ultimate leader God, I must be like Him.

David is also saying that our leadership should show in our speech and our actions. They need to match. If I tell a young believer how to follow God, they should see it in my life as well. You've heard it said "actions speak louder than words," this is especially true for leaders. Watch how you walk, because others are.

Who are those who follow your leadership? Who are those that God has placed in your life to help along the way? They are there. Ask God to help you be the leader that He wants you to be and that they need you to be.


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