He Who Holds Your Times

My children, like all of us, have plans. And like you, those plans changed this spring. Zachary was prepping to go to the Philippines in May. At the time he was a year from the end of his term of service in the Marines and was glad of something to do. However, March 13 hit and he spent the weeks following patrolling beaches for masks, and only now is he possibly going to the Philippines. Darby was prepping to go into a classroom for the first time starting in April. She was a semester from graduating and ready to take that next step. Instead she spent the remainder of her semester at home and has yet to get into a classroom. Moira was at USD enjoying the first year of the freedom that is college life. She had a good roommate, a great on-campus job, and was enjoying her independence. However, beginning in mid-March, all of that was gone and she also moved back home. Ezekiel was prepping for the final quarter of his senior year of high school. There were music contests and concerts, a play, prom, track, and a graduation to complete it all. Ezekiel, being the reader he is, would get this reference- "beware the ides of March." Because it all ended right then.

I wish this were the only time that my plans were thwarted. Unfortunately, Mr. Shakespeare, it is not just the ides of March of which we must be wary. It can be anytime. We are not guaranteed anything. The only thing that we can be sure of is that no matter how times and plans seem to change, there is a plan. I just need to stay connected to the one who has the plan.

In Psalm 31:15 David writes, "My times are in your hand." That is true for my children as they strike out into the world, my granddaughter as she is striking out in her big girl stroller for the first time, and for each of you as you wake and go about your days. Our times are in God's hands. David took comfort in this as he wrote, "I trust in you, O Lord" (vs. 14), "Make your face shine on your servant; save me in your steadfast love!" (vs. 16)

Today, don't look to yourself or your circumstances for your hope. Instead look to the one who knows you and who you were designed to be. He holds you in His hand and knows each step of your journey.


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