Hands and Feet

"Yet I am poor and needy;

come quickly to me, O God.

You are my help and my deliverer;

O Lord, do not delay."

--Psalm 70:5

It's quite eye-opening to go on a mission trip. There are so many things in your own life you take for granted, and there are so many things that you think, "Oh, I know what that would look like," but in truth you have no idea until you see it first-hand.

I've gone to a coal town in West Virginia, the streets of Kansas City, Minneapolis and Denver, the Pine Ridge Reservation, and Haiti to name a few. Each of these had different races and ethnicities living there, but the one truth that was in all was absolute poverty. People living in dilapidated mobile homes, mason brick structures, old tenement houses, and worse. While the absolute hopelessness of their situation showed in closed businesses, run-down buildings, and the downcast faces of the people you saw as you walked or drove around.

These are the literal "poor and needy." But as David here points out, they are also spiritually poor and needy, and ready and praying for God to step in and deliver them from their plight. The amount of times I heard "You are an answer to prayer" from someone we encountered on one of these trips is uncountable. They were praying and hoping for deliverance.

So often when we are in a place of physical wealth and comfort, it makes us callous toward God. But when we are in a place of need we turn to him. Jesus himself tells us that we are to help those in need, offering them our clothes or a drink of water. In doing so, you meet a physical need, but it also shows them the love and compassion of a God who "comes quickly" to their rescue.

We are the hands and feet of God. Some of us have been put in places to be used by God to do His work of help and deliverance. If that is you, do not be deterred. It is a divine calling. You never know how God will use your "gift" to bring others out of their physical AND spiritual poverty.


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