Giving Birth

We have five children and therefore Amy has gone through five pregnancies. And I have been along through each of them. Each pregnancy began with an announcement and ended with a desire for the baby to come and the pregnancy to be over. The back pain, the baby kicking, and the uncomfortable sleeping were all reasons to be done with it. To say nothing of the contractions that began.

In Psalm 7 David writes that "the wicked one is pregnant with evil". That says to me that those who are wicked have a growing evil inside them that at some point is going to come out. We allow it to be conceived in us and then let it grow, often nourishing it until it is grown enough to be born.

Psalm 7 speaks of those who "give birth to deceit". He writes about someone who "dug a pit and hollowed it out". When you do this it is to trap someone or something, but David writes that the person "fell into the hole he had made". Deceit often does that. We get caught in our lies. As much as we think we have thought through our plans we get caught in our own snare.

David continues, "His trouble comes back on his own head, and his violence falls on the top of his head." This could be a couple of things. David could be referring to our conscience. At times when we carry out our evil deeds we are left with a troubled conscience. But David could also be referring to the person who is harmed by their own violence. When you carry out your evil deeds many times there are repercussions that you did not expect nor did you want. Broken relationships, lost respect, etc.

As I read this Psalm and think of how David ends it with "I will thank the Lord for His righteousness"I can't help but think of Jesus words where He says,

"If you continue in My word, you really are My disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." --John 8:31-32

If we want to be rid of wickedness and evil in our lives, we must fill ourselves with the truth instead. That truth comes from God's word. As we are filled with His word there will be no room for evil, and all that will come from me will be His goodness and truth.


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