From Generation to Generation

My niece got married this weekend. It was a simple ceremony. A walk down the aisle, vows, rings, a song, a unity symbol, and kiss the bride. Well, THAT part was simple. What was not was all that led up to the day, and I'm not talking about invitations and such.

This wedding began nearly 50 years ago with a young Bill and Jana Duncan exchanging vows in Dayton, Ohio. It was then a few years later that Christ entered their marriage and everything changed. Bill entered the pastorate and he and Jana began a lifetime of service to the King. But all would have been for nothing if they had forgotten their first calling as Christian parents- to raise children who would follow Christ. I am glad to say that I and my siblings did find faith in Christ because of our parents hard work in bringing us up, and that Megan (my niece) and Caleb (her new husband) now represent the third generation to hold to that same faith.

David tells of God's promise to those who hold to their faith in Him in Psalms:

"He will receive blessing from the Lord,

and righteousness from the God of his salvation;

Such is the generation of those who seek Him,

Who seek the face of the God Jacob."

-Psalm 24:5-6

Always remember that it is our place as parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. to pass on to the next generation our faith in Christ. To witness what the blessing and righteousness of God look like. It is theirs to accept or reject, but we must let them hear about it from us first. And they must see it in our lives as well. If you don't Judges 2:10 becomes an ominous warning, "After them another generation rose up who did not know the Lord or the works He had done for Israel."

So, pass your faith on. It is to be done as of "first importance" according to Paul, and there is no age given for when to start. The fourth generation has emerged with Elowen. The time to pass on is now!


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