Daybreak Conversation

I slept in today. (thus the later posting...) I was up MUCH earlier, but I closed the curtains and curled back up in bed. It was warm in our bedroom last night, so to let in the cooler air easier, I opened our "room-darkening" curtains. That worked well until 6:00 this morning when it looked like mid-day in our room. Close the curtains, back to sleep.

In Psalm 5 David writes about "daybreak". It's funny how that changes this time of the year. The change from walking to school in darkness at 7am changing to sun in your eyes at 5:30am feels like it happens overnight. Regardless of when daybreak is, David writes about rising at daybreak and spending that time to talk with God.

"At daybreak, Lord, You hear my voice;

at daybreak I plead my case to you and watch expectantly."

--Psalm 5:3

For me, daybreak is when I have the best clarity. My mind is not cluttered with all of the day's problems and scenarios. It is when I can clearly plead my case to God. That is what David does here. He is in a place where he is seeing evildoers telling lies, boasting, and committing bloodshed and treachery. He rejoices that the Lord does not delight in these things, and then he prays that the Lord would lead him in righteousness and "make Your way straight before me."

Do you live in a world of wickedness and evildoers? Do you sometimes feel that you are going to get pulled into walking in their ways like Psalm 1 warns about? Then what a way to start each day! To start each morning asking God to keep you on the straight path. And then, as David says, to "watch expectantly" for His blessing.

"For You, Lord, bless the righteous one;

You surround him with favor like a shield."

--Psalm 5:12

So whenever your "daybreak" is, let the Lord hear your voice. Ask His blessing for your day and keep you on the righteous path.


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