Chariots and Horses

I have a few morning habits. A cup of coffee, a check of the weather, a check of the bank accounts. Habits. Just something that I blindly do each morning. But is it?

Most of the time these are the first things that I do in the morning. Think about these "activities". Cup of coffee- my morning drink of choice. Weather check- the determiner of what I will be doing for the day. Bank account check- the financial status that will tell me if I can afford my activities. No big deal, right? In fact, some of you may have the same routine. However, let's look at it from another perspective...

Cup of coffee- "Please wake me up and give me energy for the day..." Weather check- "Sure hope the weatherman is on my side and has some semblance of accuracy today." Bank account check- "Please tell me that payment didn't get done before that deposit!"

Changes it a bit, doesn't it? And it doesn't have to be these three activities, nor does it just have to be a morning routine. It could be checking the stocks or markets at noon, seeing how your team's injury list looks or if they will ever play again, or checking to see how many people "liked" your latest post. All of these can go from hobby to habit to something more. Dare I say an "idol"?

The Israelites struggled with these stone and wooden monoliths, but it wasn't just these objects that they turned into their gods or put their trust in. David, the second king of Israel, said that even kings struggle with keeping their trust in the Lord.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

They are brought to their knees and fall,

but we rise up and stand firm." -Psalm 20:7-8

In David's day a kingdom was as strong as its army and the measure of an army's strength was the cavalry. A king rested in the assurance that his chariots and horses outnumbered his enemies' and therefore he had no worries from invasion. However, David knew from experience (with a giant and battling larger armies) that his power was not in the size of his army, but in the faithfulness of his Lord!

We have had a pretty up-close and personal reminder of this in the past few months. A little virus has caused all of our usual "idols" to crumble. In many cases people have been "brought to their knees", maybe you have in some areas. Now, we have a choice, as we always have, do we attempt to rebuild what cannot be trusted or do we turn to the One in whom we should have always trusted?

I know what I would prefer. I want to put my trust in the name of the Lord my God! When the weatherman fails, when the bank accounts falter, even when my coffee loses its kick, still I will "rise up and stand firm" because my trust is in Him!


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