Chaff in the Wind

It's getting to be that time of year again. My eyes are going to burn, my nose is going to run, and people will wonder why I am constantly crying. Yep, harvest season. When your parents move to South Dakota when you are 6 years old and don't leave, and forty years later you still haven't left, you kind of know what to expect.

Asaph knew what harvest was like in Old Testament Israel. He knew that when the grain was gathered they would lay it out on the ground and beat it with rake-like tools and the heavier grain would settle to the ground while the chaff would blow away. The chaff was that part you didn't need. So you beat the grain until the worthless chaff was gone with the wind.

In speaking of the enemies of Israel, Asaph writes:

"Make them like tumbleweed, O My God,

like chaff before the wind."

--Psalm 83:13

"They are worthless. Make them powerless and carry them off," he says. You see, Israel had many enemies (like that chaff in the air disrupting my nasal facilities) and Asaph knew that they were more than just a nuisance. They were out for blood. So, Asaph here was pleading to the defender of Israel to remove them and let them know that "you alone are the Most High over all the earth." (verse 18)

We also have many enemies today. They are not people or nations. They are attitudes, habits, and sinful desires that are just as deadly and just as much out for our blood. We can allow them to be powerful by trying to fight them on our own, or, like Asaph, we can turn to the One who can make them like chaff in the wind and ask Him to take away their power and carry them off. Israel was a tiny nation in the midst of many foes. We are the same. A tiny person in the midst of many foes warring for our souls. If Israel turned to God for salvation, how much more should we today.

God alone IS the Most High over all the earth. He is the only one who can rescue this wretched man from the body of death. (Romans 7:21-25)


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