Broken Windows, Broken Relationships

"Against you, you only, have I sinned

and done what is evil in your sight,

so that you are proved right when you speak

and justified when you judge."

--Psalm 51:4

When I was a kid I wasn't one who really tested boundaries. I knew that whatever I did I would get caught. But there was this one time...

My family was invited to visit a farm of one of the members of the church my dad pastored. I was around 8 and my older brother was around 10 at the time. The farmer had two sons. One was older than my brother, and the other was a year younger than me. After we had eaten the younger son invited Chris, my brother, and I to explore their farm with him. Being the town kids that we were, we always liked to explore farm life, plus he had something "cool" to show us.

We came upon a small shed of a building and he climbed a ladder to the top of it. We followed and found that there were windows in the roof almost like a greenhouse. The son told us that his dad was going to tear down the old shed and we could have some fun busting out the windows with rocks. So we gleefully did something we had always wanted to try- shattering windows with rocks! It was great!...until the phone call came the next day...

That phone call was followed by an "aggressive teaching moment" from my dad, and the loss of our allowance and paper route earnings for an ENTIRE year to pay for the damages. (The Yankton Ben Franklin lost a lot of Star Wars figure sales that year!)

My dad was upset and disappointed that we just jumped right in without thinking or asking. You see, while it was the farmer's shed, we were my dad's sons and he expected better from us. Our "sin" wasn't against the farmer, it was against our dad. The farmer got damaged property, but our relationship with our dad was damaged and needed to be repaired.

David here in this Psalm is saying the same thing. He had sinned against Uriah and Bathsheba, but in the end his sin was against his heavenly Father alone. If David had followed his Father's "rules", "You shall not covet your neighbor's wife" and "You shall not murder", none of this would have happened. In the end if he had obeyed his Father, there would be no sin or consequences.

We, today, need to understand this as well. God has a standard for us, and when we choose to break that standard trouble ensues. And it all starts with choosing our own way and sinning against God, God alone.

Therefore, pray today that you would stay close to Him, and that no temptation would be so enticing as to cause you to go astray.


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