Ascribe to the Lord

It's been a long few months for those of us who watch sports. Everything has been cancelled since March 13. A few events have come back, but some of the bigger ones haven't and won't be making an appearance.

One of those things is the Olympic Games. That's always been a big deal at our house. Through the years my kids have latched onto certain athletes and teams. It didn't matter if it was summer or winter. We became fascinated with curling and archery. Jeanna began her love of Canada thanks to pairs dancing. Many heroes were found and followed thanks to those every-other-year spectacles.

So it was that there was much sadness in our house when it was announced that the Olympics were going to be "postponed" until next year. Who would be the new heroes? What was there to look forward to?

In our lives there are many things that we look forward to; things that we devote our time and attention. And at times these things get taken away. It can be devastating, but it can also be a reminder of where our focus and devotion should be.

"Ascribe to the Lord, O mighty ones, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ascribe to the Lord the glory dues his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness." (Psalm 29:1-2) As we lose those things that we "ascribe glory"to, it shouldn't depress us but remind us of whom we should always give glory.

A lot of us ascribe glory to athletic heroes. A lot of us are wondering when or if the MLB will come back. If there will be any fall seasons. And all of this as we still mourn the loss of basketball seasons.

How about as followers of Christ we set aside all of those "objects of worship" (sports, movies, etc.) and let's get to ascribing to the Lord the glory that has always been due Him? After all He is the one who "is enthroned as King forever","gives strength to his people", and blesses his people with peace." (Psalm 29:10-11) And isn't that better than a few hours entertainment? I think so.


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