A Series of Ordained Events

Yesterday I told you of Amy and my desire to raise my children in one place their entire lives. And I told you that I would tell you more of my childhood today.

You see I was born in Warren, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. My parents lived in Roseville, another suburb, where my dad worked for the government and my mom was a stay at home mom with my older brother and I. After our sister came along in 1976 my dad felt that he had been called to full-time pastoral ministry and our moving years began. We first moved to Jacksonburg, Ohio, which makes Mellette look like a Metropolis. We lived there 3 years while my dad attended seminary. I went to kindergarten our last year there and then on to South Dakota.

We lived in Wakonda from 1980-1984, better known to me as first through fourth grades, then we moved to Claremont where I attended Langford School for fifth through eighth grades. Our last stop came in 1988 when we moved to Groton for my high school years.

All of these moves were tough on me. I don't make friends easily as I am an introvert, and once I did open up to another person we were on to the next place. That made it tougher each move for me to be open to new friends, or even how to make new friends.

I struggled to find my place in this world as each community in which we lived valued different qualities of a person. (Music, faith, sports, hard work, academics, etc.) I would try to assimilate, but again we would move.

Now, before you say, "Wow, Doug, that sounds terrible." Nope, it wasn't. It actually led me to who I am today. Because of never staying anywhere long, my friends became my siblings. And we are still very tight to this day. Because we never stayed anywhere long enough for me to assimilate to the culture of the community, I became an independent thinker who is who he is regardless of the crowd. (Some might call it stubborn, Amy)

And this all led me to who I am today. Which is true of us all. Each of our stories is not some random series of events that led us "somewhere". I firmly believe there is an architect behind it all. Psalm 139:16 states, "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." That is true for me, for you, and for my niece who was born just last week. God had a plan to bring us to where we are and has a plan for us to continue where we are going from here.

But more on that tomorrow...


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