A Plethora of Bread

We have many kinds of bread at our house. With my teeth still recovering and my jaw only allowing an opening of about a half inch, Amy offered me a choice of a bun or flatbread for my burger for supper. I eat Moira's gluten-free bread to finish it off with my breakfast sandwich since she has gone to college. (I need it toasted to eat it.) Speaking of my breakfast sandwich, most days the bread part is a surprise: wheat toast, flatbread, gluten-free bread, pita bread, ciabatta bread, mini waffles, or pancakes. I get my daily bread in many ways.

That part in the Lord's Prayer where Jesus reminds us to pray "give us this day our daily bread" was not a new idea. In Psalm 68:19 David wrote:

"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,

who daily bears our burdens."

He bears our burdens, and part of that burden is providing our daily bread. Our battle is to trust Him with that...and JUST that.

Both verses use the word "daily." Not yearly, not monthly, not even weekly. Provide what I need for today. Bear my burdens today. Take my cares today. The past is done. The future is not our concern, nor do we have ANY idea what it will bring, so focus on today and ask God to give you what is needed for this day.

Never do I think as I eat my breakfast, "I wonder if Amy has bread for tomorrow's sandwich." I spend breakfast time enjoying the sandwich I have. (And the type of bread I get that day.) I need to do the same with God's blessing in my life. Enjoy what I have right now, and how He cares for me today, and trust that He will still have bread for tomorrow.

Whatever type of bread it may be.


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